The 15th Indian Summer in Levoča Festival

The Indian Summer in Levoča Festival (in Slovak: Levočské babie leto)  is a leading international annual musical celebration based in the historic east Slovakian town of Levoča, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through the Festival, Levoča, the ancient capital of the county of Spiš, restores the region’s centuries-old tradition as a crossroads of arts and culture.

The 15th Indian Summer in Levoča 2022 is happening!

The Mojše Band (September 19th)

Juraj Tomka (violin) / Ivan Palovič (viola) (September 21)

Czech Philharmonic Quartet / Philip Sheffield (tenor) / Jonathan Powell (piano) (September 22nd)

Czech Philharmonic Quartet / Ivan Palovič (viola)  (September 23rd)

Recital by Jonathan Powell (piano) (September 24th)

See videos from the 2021 Festival  – including Schumann, Bach, Dvořák and Dohnányi….

“Without music, life would be a mistake….”