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Lotz Bassethorn Trio

Robert Šebesta - basset horn I 
Ronald Šebesta – basset horn II 
Sylvester Perschler – basset horn III

The Lotz Trio performs on replicas of basset horns made by a phenomenal instrument maker, Theodor Lotz of Pressburg and Vienna.  The repertory of the Lotz Trio ensemble is formed by original music for the ensemble (Harmoniemusik). It is represented predominantly by the music of Mozart, but the ensemble performs also music by other Central-European composers – Georg Druschetzky, Anton Stadler, Vojtech Nudera, Johann Josef Rösler and Anton Wolanek. An attractive part of the repertory of the ensemble is formed by period arrangements of selected numbers from Mozart’s operas The Magic Flute, TheMarriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni. On its debut CD (2008) Lotz Trio recorded five new pieces by contemporary Slovak composers - Martin Burlas, Marián Lejava, Daniel Matej, Boško Milakovič and Marek Piaček. In 2009 Lotz Trio issued the first complete recording of  Druschetzky’s Divertissement Pour Trois Cors de Bassett. While performing traditional repertory, the ensemble is guided by principles of period performing practice. The Lotz Trio is a regular performer at European music festivals at home as well as abroad.

 Ronald Šebesta studied clarinet at the Conservatoire in Bratislva and is a frequent soloist in concerts in Slovakia and abroad.