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Jozef Lupták

jlOne of the most prominent figures in the Slovak musical scene, as both musician and concert organiser, Jozef Lupták is a graduate of the Performing Arts College (VŠMU) in Bratislava and the Royal Academy of Music in London . He is also a laureate and winner of national and international music competitions. His career as a soloist has brought him to play with conductors including Andrew Parrott, Jiří Bělohlávek, Leoš Svárovský, Daniel Gazon, Domonkos Héja, Andrew Mogrelia etc. He regularly plays with chamber music partners as Nora Škutá, Igor Karško, Ronald Šebesta, as well as with Robert Cohen, Vladimir Mendelsson , Beny Schmid, Rena Sharon, Peter Mikuláš, Mark Gothoni, etc. He often cooperates with  the legendary Slovak rock pianist/composer and improvizer Marián Varga, American singer Julee Glaub and singer and producer Jeff Johnson as well as Irish flutist Brian Dunning. His other particular interests include music of the Jewish and Roma peoples. In 2011 he premiered in Levoca, together with an ensemble led by the English pianist and composer Mark Latimer, music by Norbert Bodnar, Marco Berlinguer and Latimer himself. Jozef is founder and artistic director of the successful international festival of the chamber music festival Konvergencie (Convergence). From its first year in 2000 the festival was received enthusiastically in musical as well as general public reviews, and is marked by a very special quality and atmosphere

Jozef has been associated with the Levoca Festival since its earliest years.