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Our 2016 Programme

Friday September 9
Historic Theatre, Levoča

Kodály Quartet (Hungary) / Avishai Chaimedes (Israel) (viola)

Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in E Major op 2. no. 2 

Ernő  Dohnányi: String Quartet in D Flat Major no. 2 op.15

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quintet in D Major K. 593

Saturday September 10


Minorites Church , Levoča

Chorus Minor (Slovakia)
Programme to include:
Zdeněk Lukáš: Missa Brevis Sterndale Bennett: O That I knew I might find Him ;and works by Arthur Sullivan and Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský

Saturday September 10


Historic Theatre, Levoča

        Kodály Quartet  / Avishai Chaimedes (viola)

          Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in G Major op. 17 No. 5 

Béla Bartók: String Quartet no. 4

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quintet in G Minor K. 516

Sunday September 11


 Levoča Town Gallery

Mariassy Palace, Levoča

Avishai Chaimedes (viola)/ Jozef Lupták (Slovakia) (cello)

Itay Rosenbaum: Movement for Violist (2016) (world premiere)
György Ligeti:
Sonata for cello solo

W. A. Mozart: Duo for Violin and Viola, K.423
John Tavener:
Thrinos  for cello solo
Tom Dayan
: Gravity, for viola solo (world premiere)  

Béla Bartók: 5 pieces from the 44 Duos for two violins

Sunday September 11


Congress Hall, Levoča

Jonathan Powell (UK/Poland) (piano)

Sergei Prokofiev: Piano Sonata no. 8 in B flat op. 84

Ferruccio Busoni: Berceuse

Iannis Xenakis: Mists

Leoš Janáček:  In the Mists

Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

George Gershwin, arr. Michael Finnissy: Nashville Nightingale (encore)

Monday September 12
Congress Hall, Levo

Mark Viner (UK) (piano)

Charles-Valentin Alkan:  Salut, cendre du pauvre!, paraphrase,  op. 45 - Super flumina Babylonis, paraphrase, op.52  - L'incendie au village voisin op. 35 no. 7

 Franz Liszt : Réminiscences des Huguenots, Grande fantaisie dramatique, S.412ii

Charles-Valentin Alkan:  Introduction au no.5 des caprices op. 13/2 -Andante con moto  op 13 no. 2 - Chant d'amour/Chant de mort, op. 35 no.10

 Franz Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma, S. 394 

Monday September 12
Congress Hall, Levo

Jakob Vad (baritone) / Elisabeth Nielsen (piano) (Denmark)
Carl Nielsen: Songs op. 6 - Chaconne op. 22 - Songs op. 4
Felix Mendelssohn:
Lieder selection -  Rondo Capriccioso op. 14
Sterndale Bennett:
Six Songs, op. 35

Tuesday September 13
Congress Hall, Levo

Jonathan Powell (piano) / Igor Karško (violin) (Slovakia) /
Jozef Lupták (cello)
Sterndale Bennett:
Chamber Trio op. 26
George Enescu :
Pičce sur le nom de Fauré and Carillon-Nocturne, op. 18 no. 7  
Arvo Pärt:
Spiegel im Spiegel
Anton Arensky:
Piano Trio no. 1 in D minor op. 32

Programme as at 3.8.2016 - subject to alteration

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